The Likely Lads character
Thelma Chambers
Nationality British
Gender Female
Job Assistant Librarian
Actor Brigit Forsyth
First Strangers On A Train - Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads?
Last The Likely Lads (Film)
Thelma Ingrid Chambers, later Thelma Ferris is a character in British sitcom, Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?, and is mentioned in The Likely Lads. Thelma also features in the film adaptation The Likely Lads (1976). Thelma is played by Brigit Forsyth. Thelma is married to Bob Ferris in the second series.

[edit] Early lifeEdit

Thelma was born into an aspiring lower middle class family, to an aspirational and particularly snobbish mother and a down to earth father, who hailed from the working classes. Thelma attended Park Junior School, before attending a grammar school.

[edit] Marriage to BobEdit

Thelma and Bob attended junior school together, along with Terry. Bob and Terry were sent to the 'blackboard jungle' of secondary modern school, while Thelma attended grammar school. Thelma and Bob maintained contact and married. Thelma saw Terry as the largest threat to her marriage, although at some point she is known to have had courtship with him, which she describes as a product of a phase of hers to be 'mistreated by something coarse and vulgar'. Thelma is capable of being a snob at times and is keen to be seen to be middle class and tries to distance her husband from his working class roots, something Terry proves counter-productive in. Thelma's attitude to Terry seems to mellow throughout the series. Thelma and Bob's marriage appears to be happy; however it is often complicated and Thelma on several occasions falsely accuses Bob of infidelity.